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Herbly Pitta (12 pack)

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As a dosha, Pitta represents fire and water. It is the energy that controls the complete metabolic system. Pitta influences our digestion, absorption, secretion, food processing, emotions and body temperature. 

When a Pitta person is in balance, their basic feature could be described as enthusiastic, intelligent, independent, friendly, courageous and pleasant. They have a good metabolic system, clear eyes and healthy skin and nails. Their body is vital and strong, and the muscles are relaxed.

A Pitta person functions well when there is attention for relaxation, a good night rest, moderate competition and a moderate level of exercise. 

Our Pitta drink helps to balance your inner Pitta vigor. The blend is enriched with the cooling ingredients mint, lemongrass and cherry, to help you slow down and relax. 

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Water, coconut juice*, grape juice concentrate*, orange juice concentrate*, sour cherry juice concentrate*, natural mint orange flavouring, green tea extract*.

Fruit juice content: 32%

100% Organic, Certified by SKAL Guidelines.

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