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Herbly Vata (12 pack)

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Vata is a dosha that represents air and ether. It is the subtle energy associated with movement. Vata influences our breathing, the blinking of our eyes, muscle movement and palpations of the heart. 

When a Vata person is in balance, their basic feature could be described as creative, artistic, energetic, alert, adaptable, positive and goal-oriented. They are flexible, balanced and sleep uninterruptedly. The metabolism works well, and the skin and nails look healthy and shiny. A Vata person functions well with regularity, structure, rest and cleanliness. 

Our Vata drink helps to find a balance with your inner Vata vigor. The blend is enriched with mango, cardamom and clove to warm you up and to boost your inner health. 

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Water, apple juice concentrate*, mango puree*, peach puree*, grape juice concentrate*, turmeric juice* (0,2%), ginger juice* (0,1%), natural spice flavouring, tea extract*.

Fruit juice content: 34%

100% Organic, Certified by SKAL Guidelines

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